Monday, August 22, 2005

A.I. releases damning video

A video secretly recorded in Zimbabwe proving that the cleanup operation was released on Saturday making headlines. The video, which proves that the government has not made good on any of its' trumped up promises to bring respite to the victims of Operation Murambatsvina, shows people at the makeshift holding camp at Hopely farm on the outskirts of Harare. The video was released by Amnesty International in a move certain to raise a rucus in government ranks this week. Gateway Pundit has more on the video.

Meanwhile Mediagate, the saga alleging Zimbabwe's intelligence bought controlling stakes in three independent newspapers continues to snowball. The Financial Gazette's former editor in chief Francis Mdlongwa joined the fray in defense of his name this weekend lashing out at the Independent (which broke the story) and Trevor Ncube it's South African based publisher in this statement. Dumisani Muleya, the Independent's reporter who broke the story, published a second article in the series in Friday's edition of the paper. In the article he responds to the rebuttles put out by Ibbo Mandaza (Mirror Publisher) and Sunseely Chamunorwa (Fingaz Editor in Chief). Muleya noted that neither Mandaza nor Chamunorwa denied that they might be cotrolled by the CIO. Chamunorwa's feeble response failed to name the real owners of the paper and all Mandaza could say was that he could not say that his organization has not been infiltrated.

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