Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Militarization of Agriculture Failing

Over a month ago, I highlighted the fact that the army had taken over agriculture in Zimbabwe. Apparently Joice Mujuru, the vice president, went to check up on the project on our behalf and was infuriated with what she saw. Zimonline has the report illustrating yet another ZANU-PF failure.

This is the Zimbabwean story not being told or heard in the outside world. Evidence is mounting galore for ZANU-PF's abundant failures: in the economy (inflation, unemployment, GDP decline); education (unmotivated staff, unaffordable fees, insufficient supplies); health (nurse/doctor shortage, hospital/clinic closures, denial of service due government debt by critical suppliers viz a viz pharmaceutical firms); and in politics (corruption, lost election).

The list is endless but we cannot talk about it within the country. It's all an open secret, but there is such a pervasive fear among the people of the dreaded CIO (Central Intelligence Organization) that no one wants to talk about the reality of life. That fear has become the basis of ZANU-PF's endurance.

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