Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Where to start.

Some days, today is one of them, there's seems to be too much going on I just don't know where to start or focus my energy.

I could spend hours bloviating on the not so pleasant plight of Lovemore Madhuku the leader of Zimbabwe's National Constitutional Assembly--an umbrella body of civic groups pushing for a new constitution in Zimbabwe. He has taken a battering in the news over the last few days because he somehow managed to secure himself a third term at the helm of NCA in violation of the groups constitution. He took care of that though, he ammended the constitution. Needless to say, Dr. Madhuku is swimming in controversy. The activist is accused of manifesting the same despotic tendencies his opposes in Mugabe. He fired back at his critics in an interview with SW Radio's Violet Gonda.

The Interception of Communications Bill, which empowers the government to monitor cyber and telephony activities of individuals "suspected of threatening national security" continues to sail through the legislative hoops on its way to becoming law. After being gazetted late last week, it went for reading in parliament's legal committee. If they pass it, the bill could be tabled on the floor for a vote in a matter of days. By the end of the week it could be signed into law.

That's a bogus concept for you, national security in Zimbabwe? Security from what, certainly not from hunger, disease, dilapidated infrastructure, economic implosion and so on. The governent can't even provide workspace for some of their own functions and they want to talk about "national security?" (more...)

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