Wednesday, July 19, 2006

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Zimbabwe: Zimbabwe's blogosphere has virtually been deflated by threats of new legislation allowing government to surreptitiously spy on people's cyber actvities. Their numerous voices have been silenced leaving a marked void in the chronicling of the one the world's worst crises. Please keep this troubled nation's valiant bloggers in your minds and prayers. Few bloggers still persist, here are some of the issues they have been reporting;

After an acrimonious split, Zimbabwe's opposition MDC is steeped into further controversy after a ghastly attack on Gertrude (Trudy) Stevenson. Stevenson, who has aligned herself with Arthur Mutambara's "pro-senate" faction, is the MP for Harare north constituency on an MDC ticket. Zimpundit is sickened by the attack.

The Bearded Man posts and discusses headlines on Zimbabwe everyday.

D.R.C>:Carl at Because we're here boy no one else; just us shares his version of elections related developments. These include; increased patrols by the airforce, the arrival of EU troops, a war threat by a presidential candiate if the elections don't go well, and relief organizations cutting back their operations in the country.

Meanwhile Fleurdafrique contempletes whether the elections will be just another historical event or if they will be democratic at all:
Should I sit here and say “well at least we’re having elections”? What’s the point of having them if it’s clear who’s running the show?

Somebody is clearly taking a piss.
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