Thursday, July 20, 2006

Indictment of the world

The past week's events in the Middle East have confirmed Zimbabwean's fears that in eyes of the world some lives are intrinsically more valuable than others. And we now know without a doubt that our lives, those of millions of Zimbabweans ravaged by years of misrule and the extinction of democracy in our homeland, are less valuable than those of the Israeli people.

You see it has become apparent that Zimbabweans are on the opposite end of the global totem pole than the Israelis. How else are supposed to process the reality that: it has taken the death of less than 50 Israelis (in this latest episode of longranging dispute) to garner global media attention and bring diplomatic initiatives around the globe to a virtual standstill.

Less than 50 deaths, and every major media outlet across the USA and Western Europe has been fixated on the crisis. All the major bulletins, front page headlines, and syndicated commentators are focused on the crisis. Most if not all have sent their most capable and prominent personnel to report live. Incessantly returning viewers to check on new developments throughout the day (and night), the media are crooning over the crisis with the devotion like that of a physician to a patient in extremis.

It is a global crisis. And less than 50 deaths is all it has taken.

I don't mean to minimize the value of any human life anywhere, especially (and God forbid) in Israel. But, I'll let Mandebvhu, speak for me;
Firstly, the world is falling over themselves to assist where they can because there is a fear that there may be as many as half a million displaced people as a result of the ongoing Israeli/Lebennon crisis. According to a report from the UN's special envoy last year, displaced people in Zimbabwe number around 700 000 - and yet no one wants to help - because Zimbabwe has no oil.

Secondly. Mugabe has a habit of using world events and the fact that world attention is elsewhere to cover another audacious move against his own people. Watch and see.
Hundreds were killed during Operation Murambatsvina. Over three thousand people are dying in Zimbabwe every week. Where is our global spotlight? Where's our Charlie Gibson, Washington Post,BBC, AFP, or carnival in the blogosphere?

Some lives have more intrinsic value than other lives--I guess.

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