Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Whither Zimbabwe: What's holding back our desire for change?

With winter almost over, there's no doubt in my mind that there will be no "winter of discontent". Streets across the country are devoid of the anticipatory buzz that is a mundane precursor to any significant upheava. With the grizzly attack on Trudy Stevenson, theHarare North MP the main faction of the MDC pounded in the last nail on their coffin. And with this failure to deliver, Morgan Tsvangirai and his cronies have unwittingly failed to distinguish themselves as authentic politicians apart from the legacy of false prophets and self-aggrandizing impostures that have dominated Zimbabwe's political landscape over the years.

Since (thankfully) the MDC does not represent the entirety of Zimbabweans who feel ZANU-PF is long past its' due, I get asked why someone else hasn't stepped into the void and galvanized the masses in a Nepal-style uproar. To be frank with you, on days like this I catch myself wondering what it is going to take for us, the laity in Zimbabwe, to take our destinty from the hands of fate and render our influence on what the future holds for us. In short, whither Zimbabwe; what is holding back our desire for change.

Eddie Cross thinks it's the leadership not only in Zimbabwe but across the continent. That's fine, I still refuse to lump an entire nation's culpability on one single function in political machinary that makes up a succesfull country. Posterity manifestly bears out the fact that even more important than political leaders the world over, so called "followers" have consistently risen to the occasion when the leadership has failed, Nepal being the latest example.

So why not in Zimbabwe? We've already endure seven hears of a hellish economic meltdown. Parents have found themselves haplessly observing has the bread has been taken from their families plates, tables, and homes as inflation has roared out of control. (more...)

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