Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Eddie Cross: ZCTU boss arrested, beaten

The head of the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions, Wellington Chibebe, says he has been arrested and beaten by police at a demonstration in support of strikes in the country. Riot police are reported to have sealed off the centre of Harare to try to prevent the
strikes. The unions are reported to have called off a march demanding higher wages, lower taxes and access to drugs to fight HIV/AIDS. Mr Chibebe told NEWSHOUR (by mobile phone) that he had been arrested in the capital, Harare, along with at least fifteen other people, after around one-thousand-five-hundred demonstrators gathered for the protest: Wellington CHIBEBE (on his phone)
"I'm saying, we've been arrested when we started our demo. We'vebeen badly beaten. We are in the police truck going into {UNCLEAR} police cells."

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