Wednesday, April 06, 2005


Zimpundit is disgusted by the audicity of Robert Mayer in posting this on Publius Pundit.

What is your point in republishing these grotesque details of a war crime that have long been public knowledge. To who's benefit is it that you rehatch the cruel fate that met the victims of this homicide? If you think you're revealing new details to the west about what you think of Mugabe as cruel tyrant (as you purport to be doing), you're preaching to the choir. Let me remind you that it is the west that dubbed Mugabe a tryant in the first place. Most of my lay friends here in the US already have this view of the man. They don't need to read such inflaming reports to convice them. Besides you've already impressed upon all of your readers your contempt of Mugabe with the help of your clandistine sources who's questionable connections to Zimbabwe are as dated as their retrogressive view of the nation in your previous entries.

While your concern for democracy in my country is valid and welcome, don't fool yourself or any of your readers thinking that by egging on old tensions, you're doing the Zimbabwean people a favor. Irresponsible reporting like this only further polarizes stakeholders in the Zimbabwe crisis. That is no way push for democracy and an amicable end to the Zimbabwean crisis.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, our dialogue about Zimbabwe is only beneficial to the masses there only in as much as it engenders and voices their dire needs. As long as our chief priority is to shamelessly expose the likes of Mugabe for their human rights abuses and that supercedes the desperate voices pleading for a reprieve from the unbearable stresses of life in Zimbabwe and elsewhere, all we're doing is blowing air and taking up time and spice.

As I mentioned in this comment (comment 6) posted earlier on the site, I'm not pro-Mugabe. What I'm trying induce, which you'll hopefully see as beneficial, is the value of thinking of the way forward for Zimbabwe and holding the interests of ordinary Zimbabweans at heart. That is the mandate of democracy and justice.

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