Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Another saga to watch.

When Jonathan Moyo was expelled from Mugabe's government after choosing to stand as an independent in the March parliamentaries, Zimbos applauded his move as a direct affront to Mugabe's despotic dominance of Zimbabwe's politics. Many forgave transgressions from his days in government as evinced by his subsequent election victory which sent him back to parliament; this time as the country's sole independent legislator.

However, his former colleagues in ZANU-PF have not forgotten that they have a score to settle with him. Since the "will of the people" did not effect retributive justice on their behalf (in the form of a loss in Tsholotsho), Mugabe's henchman have now taken to ensuring that the academician cum political opportunist will get his due. They are now waging their war against the former minister in the courts. It is reported that deputy ministers Andrew Langa and Abednico Ncube will testify that Moyo invited them to discuss a plot to "restructure" ZANU-PF's leadership in response to a defamation lawsuit Moyo brought against John Nkomo (ZANU chairman) and Dumiso Dabengwa (Mugabe confidante) before he left government.

The impact of these testimonies on the trial is uncertain as it is common knowledge that Mugabe has encouraged people to discuss the "succesion question." Moyo, who has since been stripped of his diplomatic passport, has yet to announce if he carry on with the lawsuit. Mugabe has promised to "demolish" Moyo. Just where this war will go remains a mystery.

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