Friday, June 24, 2005

Zimbabwe's outrageous police

While the government is struggling to scrape up foreign currency to buy fuel, food and other basic necessities, the ZRP (Zimbabwean Republic Police), spent an astonishing US$3.5 million on new equipment from a South African firm.

Zimonline writes,
"Zimbabwean police have ordered US$3.5 million worth of high-tech gear from a South African company as the country battles to raise money for food and fuel imports, ZimOnline has established.

The Zimbabwe Republic Police made the order from Johannesburg-based Travelo Manufacturing Company, which through its marketing arm, Instrument for
Traffic Law Enforcement (ITLE), dispatched a team to Harare last month with samples of equipment.

Police authorities headed by deputy commissioner, Godwin Matanga, authorised the purchasing of the equipment after viewing the samples, according to
sources at police general headquarters in Harare.

"We had a team from South Africa which showed us samples of the equipment that includes high-tech digital cameras, pro-laser speed traps and other
various equipment that we require on a day-to-day basis. We are happy with the equipment and we have made a purchase order," said a source on condition he
was not named."
Earlier this week the ZRP were reported to have destroyed 200 thousand rand worth of an in house magazine over a coverpage error.

Zimbabwe's police, who have been roundly condemned by human rights groups for their brutality, are blamed for the deaths for three toddlers during the infamous "cleanup."

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