Friday, July 15, 2005

Behind the quiet diplomacy; Mbeki a Mugabe protege

South Africa government is fast becoming a psuedo-Zimbabwe transitioning it's leadership of the country to GBO-governance by operation. They too are now in the business of urban removals;
"Eighteen-year-old Thomas Khosasi ran up 14 flights of stairs to find his blind sister, Theresa, who had been caught up in the mass eviction of a block of flats in Bree Street, central Johannesburg, on Thursday.

He was terrified that as about 700 people were evicted from Bree Chambers, pronounced unsafe by the Johannesburg City Council, his sister would get lost and be unable to find her way out.

By 1.20pm, about 600 "Red Ants" -- the nickname for the men in red overalls contracted by the municipality to conduct evictions -- had worked their way to the eighth floor of the 16-storey former office block, which had been illegally occupied.

Khosasi, a vendor by profession, had been living with three people in one tiny room for the past three months."
Sound familiar? That's because the scenario is familiar; it's murambatsvina all over again. Distgustingly, South Africa one of the world's emergent economies does not have the decency to house it's eviction victims just like the the callous Zimbabwean government.

A few days ago I pointed how much else Mbeki has in common with Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe. Apparently, that bond only gets thicker as time passes.

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