Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The (re)colonization of Zimbabwe

Ever wonder why the Chinese have taken such a liking Zimbabwean president Robert Mugabe and his party? I have an idea. Let me tell you; the Chinese have stumbled on that nugget of wisdom dictates that colonialism is a failure proof way to economic success.

Let me explain. It hadn't dawned on our Asian brotherhood until recently that the key to much of the so called developed world's economic prosperity lies in the barbaric horrors of colonizing other people not just in free market policies. So the Chinese are taking the same shameful route taken by the avaricious giants of Europe's decrepid history.

Just like Lobengula did, Mugabe is signing the country away for some immediate and temporal pleasure. That is what ZANU-PF is about working only for the hear and now (and messing that up too) because they've realised that their prominence in Zimbabwe is now a thing in posterity. Their selling the country out.

This from a report on Zimbabwe's sole broadcast signal carrier's desperate appeal to parliament for funding;
"MOST radio and television transmitters in the country have outlived their lifespan and spirited efforts to refurbish them are being hampered by inadequate financial resources, Transmedia (Private) Limited chief executive Mr Alfred Mandere said yesterday.

Mr Mandere told members of the Parliamentary portfolio committee on Transport and Communication that there was an urgent need to refurbish the transmission network.

He was presenting oral evidence on Transmedia, the country’s sole signal-carrying company in transmission networks, before the committee.

"Nearly all our equipment is now beyond its useful life and we are even surprised that the people (broadcasters) are still on air because the situation is bad," Mr Mandere said.

This, he said, was being compounded by the lack of foreign currency to purchase spare parts for the transmission network.

Mr Mandere said a Chinese mining company had shown interest in assisting Transmedia’s expansion programme with a loan facility of US$40 million in exchange for a mining concession." [emphasis added]
That is how the ZANU-PF government are doing it. This is their MO and to this we owe our demise.

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