Monday, September 19, 2005

Bits and Pieces

Who is Zimbabwe's real leader?

Is it the man who's making high sounding (empty) anti-unilateral declarations about other nations unilaterlism? Or is it the man the man denying himself the priviledges of his hard earned wealth to walk the ever bleaker road to work in solidarity with his countrymen?

Is it the man who is left no other option but to hijack an empty UN General Assembly to make his parlous commentary on with world becuase no one will listen to him back at home? Or is Zimbabwe's real leader the man who's making pragmatic decisions about not getting involved in the ill-concieved senate opting to go back to the people to consult them instead of unnecessarily expanding government?

Zimbabwe certainly has a leader, the question is who's the real leader?

Washington has announced they are going to ratchet up the "smart sanctions" already in place in response to Uncle Bob's depricating commentary on what he called the "coalition of the evil" in his UN speech. The new expansion will expand the sanctions to affect the families of people already on the sanctions list. New measures will include revoking those people's educational visas.

It has also emerged that Uncle Bob's bloated entourage was involved in sketching the details of an impending visit to Zimbabwe by Koffi Annan. This surprising since speculation yielded that Mugabe had rescinded his invitation to Koffi Annan sighting the latter's unwelcome intentions to intefere with Zimbabwe internal politics.

So now we sit and wait, wait to see what this week will bring with it for us in the land where drama isn't drama anymore.

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