Monday, February 27, 2006

As if that wasn't Enough Already

Arthur Mutambara, the new leader of the pro-senate breakaway faction of the MDC stunned delegates at his caucus' national congress declaring that,
"So, what is the news headline tomorrow my friends in the media? “Mutambara becomes the President of the Pro-Senate MDC faction.” Are you sure about that description? How many of you here actually know my position on that divisive Senate debate in October 2005. Yes I had views, very strong ones indeed. My position was that the MDC should have boycotted those Senate elections. Not only that, I was for the total withdrawal from Parliament and all the other election based institutions. This to me would have constituted a consistent and effective regime de-legitimization strategy. I guess then that makes me the Anti-Senate leader of the Pro-Senate MDC faction!
Hat tip: ZW News via This is Zimbabwe

Not only did Mutambara's reentry into Zimbabwean politics triger a controversy that threatened to discombobulate the faction, his entiree recruitment and ascension to leadership is predicated upon a principle that is antithetical to the very existence of the group. If they'd tried to recruit Mutambara in November, Ncube and Sibanda would have been told to go to jump off a cliff because he agreed with Tsvangirai. I wonder how that treats them? Read the whole speech you'll find that Mutambara didn't hide his intentions to ameliorate his (and the factions) relationship with Tsvangirai who he admires as a true Zimbabwean "hero" either.

What this means for future of the MDC (as we used to know it), for Ncube in Sibanda, and ZANU-PF we will only find out if Arthru G.O. Mutambara sticks to his words.

For his part, Tsvangirai has welcomed the Mutambara's sentiments. Said Nelson Chamisa Tsvangirai's spokseman,
"The president of the MDC, Mr Tsvangirai has been very clear that unity is fundamental in our efforts to dislodge ZANU PF dictatorship.

"Professor Mutambara's comments are quite welcome and in sync with the aspirations of Mr Tsvangirai of bringing a new dispensation to the struggle for democracy. Mr Tsvangirai has an open door policy which is often misconstrued by others for weakness."

So far Mutambara has done exactly what Woodpecker, the Standard's sattirist, would do if he were Mutambara,
I would say: "Look here Welsh and you Gibson; you are good people. You have brought me into the picture and I shall forever be grateful. But now let me do the honourable thing."

Then I will pick up the phone and dial Morgan. I will say: "Look here Morgan, you have done a great job for Zimbabwe. But really Morgan, I think this is not the time to bicker because the enemy is neither mortally wounded nor vanquished.
"Yes, the enemy is feeling the pressure: he is being daily harassed by matters of his own creation. He is almost drowning on the man-made lake of corruption that he helped to build. We need to strike while the iron is hot and to do that, we need to work together. How can we work together?"
Will he or won't he, that is the question.

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