Monday, October 02, 2006

ZANU-PF's prehistoric mindset on display

Geriatric Nathan Shamuyarira, a long time ally of Mugabe and former minister revealed just how outdated and out of touch ZANU-PF's psyche can be. Speaking at a conference discussing the Gukarahundi massacres of 1980-85, Shamuyarira reportedly refused apologise,
Speaking on the sidelines of a conference on the National Reconciliation Process in Zimbabwe, in Vumba last week, the Zanu PF spokesperson said the political situation in the early 80s had to be considered first before people talked about compensation.

Shamuyarira said the actions of the North Korean-trained 5 Brigade in the three provinces were "not regrettable". Shamuyarira had been asked to comment on growing calls for compensation for the victims of Gukurahundi.

"It was because the dissidents were killing people that Gukurahundi went to correct the situation and protect the people," he said.

"The assessment of the operations of the 5 Brigade must be seen in that context."
So becuase the soldiers were trying to "fix" a situation they had free pass to do what they wanted? Over 20,000 dead, and it's justifiable just because ZANU-PF thinks so. I think not; Gukurahundi was a genocide, just like Rwanda, just like Darfur.

In case you didn't see it, that report said he was speaking at a conference on National Reconciliation for Zimbabwe.

And that's Shamuyarira's contribution to the conference? His conscience contradicts the thesis of the conference; the whole point of the meeting is reconciliation, you can't reconcile without admission of guilt and forgiveness.

You can't defend Shamuyarira because he doesn't regret his own utterence. A week later he's clearly unapologetic,
Last night, Shamuyarira claimed he had been quoted out of context, but still refused to say if he regretted the genocidal killing of civilians during a government operation stretching from 1982 right through to the signing of the Unity Accord in 1987 between Nkomo's PF-Zapu and Mugabe's Zanu.

Shamuyarira told New that President Mugabe and the late former Justice Minister Edison Zvobgo were wrong to openly admit that the 5 Brigade killings were a terrible mistake.

Mugabe has described the massacres as a "moment of madness" that should never be repeated. Zvobgo went a step further by apologising and admitting that the massacres were giving him sleepless nights.

Shamuyarira said Sunday: "The reported comments came from a long discussion that we had (in Vumba), but some of the statements which are quoted are not correct.

Asked if he had said he did not regret the atrocities, Shamuyarira replied: "No I did not say anything like that. Some of the things may be out of context."

But pressed further and asked if he had any regrets, Shamuyarira retorted: "That's a situation that we would like to put into history. It's not a fair question to put to me, why should I be answering this 25 years later?

"My personal views are not important in this situation, these things happened 25 years ago, we can only review and assess the past but the personal views of individuals are not relevant."

And does he share President Mugabe and Zvobgo's view that the Matabeleland atrocities were a moment of madness? "I don't share that. No I don't share their view," he said.
Shamuyarira's bullheaded mentality clearly predates this conversation. It's representative of how ZANU-PF thinks of themselves; they are always right, can't go wrong and will not apologise. Because of that, they have no place at Zimbabwe's reconciliation talks, at least not with their current disposition. Zimbabwe's ready to move on and engage in progressive conversation surrounding our national heritage and future, we'll do it without ZANU-PF. They will be left behind.

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