Monday, March 05, 2007

Pray Zimbabwe press release

On April 18, 2007, friends of Zimbabwe will gather together around the world in prayer for the country of Zimbabwe and its people as a part of the International Day of Prayer for Zimbabwe (IDOPZ).

Thousands in Zimbabwe die each week from AIDS. Food is scarce. Medication is in short supply. The inflation rate is the highest in the world at nearly 1600 percent. Medical workers are on strike. 80 percent of the population is unemployed. Humanitarian aid organizations are restricted from getting life-saving supplies to the people.

A team of pastors, students, professors, journalists, both native Zimbabweans and others, have joined together to coordinate the Day of Prayer. Using the Internet as a powerful networking tool, the IDOPZ website has shared stories and pictures with interested individuals worldwide, and students have connected through Facebook.

Contact Aaron (, IDOPZ Media Relations Coordinator, for interview requestsand additional contact information.

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