Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Blogosphere abuzz

Exactly two weeks into Mugabe & Co's Operation "Murambatsvina" (cleanup), the blogosphere is aflame numerous positings on Zimbabwe. Here's a summary of some of the things I've come accross on different blogs:

Publius pundit, puts the latest developments in Zim in light of the elections held two months ago. Publius pundit points to ZANU-PF's impending constitutional ammendments to bolster his charge that peace during the elections was a necessary charade by Mugabe to secure the two-thirds majority in parliament making Zimbabwe his "fiefdom."

Registan makes reference to a post here. Meanwhile gateway pundit sparks controversy by using Zimbabwe to poke at Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. A good discussion about the depths of Zimbabwe's crisis and the way forward for our embattled nation follows in the commments of the post.

Light seeking light chronicles the crisis leading up to this point.

Global voices makes reference to the post on Those who dare. Those who dare is intrigued by the rising dominance of the Chinese in the vacuum left by the western businesses in Zimbabwe and other developing countries.

This raises an interesting question; what do we make of increasing Chinese businesses and philosophies that are now proliferating many developing countries. This is particularly important for those interested in democracy because the Chinese (with their communisim) bring a viable alternative philosophy to countries in which capitalism is failing because of pro-democracy actions by governments of the west.

That's what I can recall from the day's reading. Good to see that at least a few others are keeping an eye together with me on what's going on Zim.

Please add to this in the comments section if I missed a blog. I also want encourage bloggers on Zimbabwe to "tag" your articles to make it easier to find your valuable info.

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