Friday, May 27, 2005

"Mugabe unwell" has a story claiming Zimbabwean President, 81 year old Robert Mugabe is enduring cardiac complications. The report which cites today's Zimbabwe Independent, claims the ageing leader's motorcade spent two hours parked outside Harare's Avenues Clinic, Zimbabwe's premiere hospital.

(For some reason, I could not get to the Zim Independent site, could this be a case of Chinese style censorship? If you're tech savvy please take a look and let me know). Rumors have it that the Zimbabwe government has procured sophisticated web monitering and airwave jamming equipment from their Chinese friends.

Mugabe, who's had two of his deputies and numerous close confidantes succumb to old age and a plethora of ailments keeps a tight seal on any information about his health. The secrecy surrounding the health of members of Zimbabwe's government is so tight even at death the standard line is "died after a long illness." Not much information is given during illness. Conditions surrounding the death of Enos Chikowore, a former minister in Mugabe's cabinet still remain murky despite speculations in the independent press that he committed suicide after being ommitted from Mugabe's "development cabinet." Late in 2003, Mugabe is reported to have been flown to South Africa after he had collapsed. The government vehemently denied any reports about his ill health.

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