Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Denied a return to the gravy train, ex-minister takes own life

The debut of the ZANU-PF legislative term has met it's first bottleneck from within the party in the unceremonious death of one Enos Chikowore, a former party stalwart. A day after new legislators and governors were sworn in, The Horrid (formerly Herald) broke news of the former minister's death in this article.

Alternative versions of the same story at foreign based NewZimbabwe and Zimonline exposed murky details of an alleged suicide caused by bitterness at Mugabe's apperent oversight of Chikowore in his parliamentary appointments. Zimonline speculates that the University of New York educated Chikowore took his life after Mugabe spurned his request to be returned to the bounty of government. NewZimbabwe presents the same case in this report.

There is no clearer sign to Mugabe that life for Zimbabweans outside of his avaricious circle of friends is unlivable than this.

Could this be an omen of the harsh realities ahead for ZANU-PF?

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