Friday, April 08, 2005

Legitimacy: What the Zimbabwean Regime Longs for (that they won't get)

Barely a week after ZANU-PF won (or is it won themselves?) the parliamentary elections, their dissatisfaction with sweeping powers is undeniably clear. What Mugabe & Co. want more than anything else now is legitimacy.

It started on Saturday when Mugabe uncharecteristically extended a friendly handshake to the MDC saying ZANU-PF was still open to talks with the opposition in this interview. Since arriving in the Vatican (the only place west of Africa that hasn't banned him), Mugabe has since been seeking the audience of former Eastern Block countries now in the EU. The strategy is to lobby these countries to agitate for the reprieve of the EU's sanctions.

Meanwhile at home, the Fingaz hit the nail right on the head asking, "Will ZANU PF get the Legimacy it Sought?" The answer is no. As long they care more about their own avaricious ambitions, many Zimbabweans (even though they vote for ZANU) will remain unimpressed with ZANU-PF's failure to rule according to their mandate. If ZANU wants legitimacy at least from within, they must address the immediate needs for food, healthcare and a good economy right now and do it well.

On the US senate floor Russel Fiengold cast another isolated voice against the Mugabe regime in this statement.

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