Friday, April 08, 2005

On Fraternization (or want there of)

Human nature has mischievous nack of rearing it's unconditioned head in our most vulnerable and public moments despite our persitant efforts at "proffesionalism, civil conduct, diplomacy, self control, et al."

Mourners gathered to honor the deceased pontiff (and dispersed across the globe) were taken aback when a formerly endeared African leader in a moment when his natural penchant for fraternization with royalty overpowered his sharp disdain for all things British. It is reported that said leader was caught leaning over chairs (an embarassment in its' own right) just to shake the hand of the ambiguous heir to the British thrown.

We know this frailty (in the art of civility) exhibited by the said leader was not due to the excitement of the moment. No, it is in his very nature to jump into royalty (or into royalty's hands). He's known to have availed himself of such an opportunity with another high ranking British official before. Read this.

(DISCLAIMER: Zimpundit is witholding the names of participants in this humiliating ordeal to spare all involved further embarassment)

Zimpundit is also pleased to learn that there some African brethren out there with their heads screwed on right and share similar convictions about the state of Zimbabwe, unity and the way forward. Read this

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