Monday, April 11, 2005

AIDS is important in our discussions about democracy

Robert Mayer, of Publius Pundit suggested last week that I expound on what I think should be topical issues at the fore of discourse about Zimbabwe.

I found this story highlighting how the AIDS plague is affecting Zimbabweans. Notice the disparity; one of the highest infection rates in the world yet one of the lowest dollar amounts spent per patient.

The story told in the article is a good apologetic for why our discussion on forums such as these must cover a wide range of topics, not just how (and if) people voted. Tragically, we continue to ignore this reality in our rapid clamourings about the state of democracy (or need for it) in Zimbabwe and elsewhere. Ironically, there can never be democracy (regardless of how much we pontificate, blog, and report about it) until the people (we claim to care about) are assured of our authentic efforts towards their sustained wellbeing. That's why we must pay attention other seemingly non-political matters such as these and think through solution for them.

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