Sunday, May 22, 2005

SA's poll verdict, "Use indelible ink more economically."

I kid you not, the above quote is one of two recommendations to Zimbabwe by the ANC dominated South African observor mission to the March parliamentary polls. The other recommendation was to reduce the number of would be voters turned away on election day. Read this.

Really? What about addressing the real cause why so many people were denied their right to vote such as the fact that ZANU-PF intentionally changed constituency boundaries weeks before the election?

Is this really how dumbed down South African politics have become? "Use indelible ink more economically," are you kidding me? This is supposed to be just reason for spending South African tax dollars, "indelible ink." How about all this?

In other news there now is speculation Mugabe will continue filling key government post with his relative. Next in line is the Police Commissionar post which becomes vacant in September. This can't be too far fetched as you'll recall Mugabe has ensured his sister Sabhina and her two sons are in parliament and have cabinet posts too.

While The Horrid, and it's Sunday sister are gloating over succesful police raids on blackmarket activity, ZW News illustrates just how desperate people in Zim are. As long as there's an opportunity for profiteering "outside the glass jar," to borrow the expression from Hernando de Soto, the black market will always exist. The perfect anecdote; "laissez faire" governance, allow the invisible hand to determine the course of things in Zimbabwe. The writing is on the wall, as long the government continues to mandate superficial price levels, the market (black or legal) which must function per the dictates of supply and demand will continue to confound their efforts. The easiest way to swim is with the tide, not against it. Wise up.

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