Thursday, May 19, 2005

On the positive

The Zim government was in the mood to show off they can function under a different modus operandi than has earned them their reputation as a lying and manipulating government today.

The top boss himself led the way with a couple of turnaround announcements. Yessir, President Mugabe (for he deserves that title when he acts like this) first Said bill sets out to seriously curtail operations of charity organizations in Zim many of them Christian barring them from receiving foreign funding.

Not to be outdone was the embattled governor of Zimbabwe's Reserve Bank, Gideon Gono in his monetary policty announcement. Admitting that his adjustment policies for the economy are failing, Gono rescinded his predictions that the economy would grow by between 3-3.5% this year, and that the country is going to meet the target inflation of between 30 and 35% by year end. Inflation will be betweent 50 and 70 %, and growth betwenn 2 and 2.5% by the year's he said. He also harkened the calls of economists and business people alike, devaluing the dollar by 33%.

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