Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Roy Bennet Free!

After serving nine months of an unfair 12 month sentence, opposition MP Roy Bennett is a free man. Bennett was jailed not buy a judge, but by parliament after shoving ascerbic justice minister, Patrick Chinamasa, to the floor during a parliamentary session last year. Chinamasa drew Bennet's ire after some outrageously racist comments.

Bennett known as "Pachedu" by his beloved black Zimbabwean supporters became one of the very few white parliamentarians in Zimbabwe when he the Chimanimani seat in 2000. He tried to stand from prison in the March parliamentaries, but was barred using some unscrpulous law by the Mugabe friendly election commission. His wife Heather, ended up contesting the election in his stead but lost.

The Roy Bennet Campaign has more.

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