Friday, August 12, 2005

Isn't it ironic?

Mugabe's unsolicited hate filled rants came full circle on Monday when he blasted Mbeki for insisting that he talk with Tsvangirai the opposition leader.

His early mantra was that he hated the British, Blair in particular and wouldn't talk to them.

Then he wouldn't talk to Tsvangirai--a Zimbabwean!

He snubbed Mbeki and Obasanjo's mediatory efforts.

Now he wants to talk to Blair.

So the great African uncle who spews forth virulent nationalist sentiments in all his speeches, won't indulge Africans and his fellow countrymen, he only wants to engage the white man whom he's made out to be the worst kind of evil in Zimbabwe. Go figure.

The Independent's anonymous satirist, Muckraker elaborates this case well,
" What do you call a man who wants to speak to foreigners but will not speak to his fellow Africans? Muckraker reckons he is a hypocrite suffering from an acute inferiority complex. That's a terrible situation for a nation to find itself in, particularly where the person so afflicted is the leader of that country.

President Mugabe has ruled out talks between Zanu PF and the opposition MDC. He has also refused to meet MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai because instead he wants to meet British prime minister Tony Blair. His excuse is that Tsvangirai is Blair's puppet.

If this kind of reasoning had been used by a white man he would have been labelled a racist of the worst type. He would have been pilloried for looking down upon Africans. Mugabe can't be accused of being a racist in this case, but there is clearly a pining to meet his master at 10 Downing Street. He told his supporters at Heroes' Acre on Monday that he wanted to speak to Blair, although he didn't say what about.

“When will they (MDC) learn that power to rule Zimbabwe comes from the people of Zimbabwe?” asked Mugabe. So what does he want from Blair?

Well it does appear that the sense of isolation is getting more unbearable as problems in the country mount. A dream meeting with Blair is seen as the first tentative step towards rehabilitation."

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