Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Zimbabwe's premiere book show, the Zimbabwe International Book Fair opened Monday and runs through Saturday. Good right? Not really.

Somehow Mugabe & Co. find ways of raining on the most innocuous of parades.

Zim customs officials are holding up boxes of Section Eight, a book by Chris Gande a Washington based Zimbabwean journalist on suspicions that it may be "subversive". Gande, who now works for VOA news, worked for the hated (by Mugabe) Daily News before moving to DC.

The novel, traces the relationship between a ministers son and his girlfriend, the daughter of a commercial farmer who's farm is about to be seized.

According to this report, the book was shipped from Washington on July 7 meant to arrive in Harare on the July 10 weeks before this weeks book fair. It seems they'll only release copies at the earliest on Saturday. Meanwhile the book is already selling elsewhere, just not the country the story is set in.

If Mugabe & Co. can't stop you, pick up your copy of the book here.

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