Friday, July 29, 2005

The Herald contradicts self on UN report

Zimbabwe's staple daily, the state run Herald cannot decide what it's masters in the government have settled about the UN report on the cleanup operation.

First there was this article titled "UN report on clean-up biased, says Government." Then on Monday the 25th, the paper carried this article which including this assesment of the report by the Zimbabwean government, "Harare has since dismissed the report as biased." At this point they are pretty much towing the party of line and condemnig the report right?

Surprisingly on the 27th the same paper in this article titled, "Gvt hasn’t condemned UN report — Matonga," quotes the deputy information minister refuting the idea that they had dismissed the report.

But then come Friday the 29th, the same paper, describing the closed door discussion of the Zimbabwe report by the UN Security Council, drop that prejudiced one liner again,
"His [Zimbabwe's UN representative] presentation followed that of UN special envoy Mrs Tibaijuka, who apprised the Security Council of her two-week visit to Zimbabwe. She presented her report — which the Government has since dismissed as biased — during an information session." (Emphasis added)
Contradicting itself like this doesn't endear the Herald to anyone.

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