Wednesday, July 27, 2005

One trip, one new title, and two huge concessions; Mugabe Chinese endeavor pays off.

For Mugabe it's success. For us the ordinary Zimbabweans, the question is how much longer will the world continue to abet our suffering by propping up this cruel regime.

A week which promised hope to us, has turned out to be just another dissappointment for us. I was hoping both China and South Africa would realize the folly of lending to Zimbabwe, we can't pay them back. I was hoping Mbeki would say no and the Chinese would say the same thing too.

To my dismay, South Africa will (with the blessing of Paul Wolfowitz) give Zimbabwe the money we asked for. And China, not to be outdone in bestowing favor on Mugabe, will construct a hydroelectric dam in Zimbabwe, give more aid and gave Mugabe a honorary proffersorship at their foreign affairs university. Sad.

My hopes are crushed.

There is absolutely no fuel in the country. Food is scarce if you can afford it. As winter rages on, people displaced by the cleanup operation were given three asbestos sheets and four gum poles. Try to put a roof over a family of four kids and two parents with that. That is the extent of the famed reconstruction phase of the cleanup operation.

Life is tougher than many people can bear. When will our blood, sweat and tear suffice your concern?

I'm not asking for anything from the world. In fact we want nothing from the world. I just want the world to stop aiding and abetting Mugabe & Co. If we nip it in the bud now, then maybe we can avert another Rwanda, Congo, Mozambique, Liberia, Sierra Leone etc. Enough people have been raped, beaten, impoverished, and killed already.

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