Thursday, July 21, 2005

Governance in Zimbabwe: Ashamed to admit wrongdoing and apologizing? Invoke an operation

Yes, it is now officially throwback week here.

Remember reading this on here a few weeks ago?
"THE Zimbabwean government’s clean-up operation code-named "Operation Murambatsvina or Cleanup" is over claims the Sunday Mail, a pro-government weekly. In it’s place a new wave of initiatives among them, "Operation Garikai/Hlalani Kuhle," which literally means live comfortably, Operation “Pfekazvaikanaka or dress properly” are sweeping across the country, and "Svikaizvakana or arrive properly".

Under operation garikai or live well, the government claims it will construct houses, micro, small and medium business facilities across the country by the end of August."
Turns out that the Mugabe & Co. are just too lofty to apologize, they'd rather invoke another operation to correct their mistakes. This from their very own Herald,
"HUNDREDS of families who were taken to Caledonia Transit Camp at the height of the clean-up operation yesterday returned to their housing stands in Hatcliffe, but the Government reiterated that there was no policy shift over the operation.

There was jubilation and ululation at Caledonia Transit Camp as the families were yesterday informed by Government officials that they would be returned to their stands in Hatcliffe.

The decision for the families to return to Hatcliffe is part of the implementation of the Government National Housing Delivery Programme, now code-named Operation Garikai/ Hlalani Kuhle.

There are at least 3 100 surveyed housing stands in the section of Hatcliffe where the families had been removed.

He said the families were advised to build temporary structures that would not interfere with the servicing of the stands." (Emphasis is mine)
So after enduring such horrors as this, this, and this, it turns out many--most of these families were not in violation of the law. Yet no apology is due, just another operation.

Couldn't they have done their "vetting" of who was legal and who wasn't without destroying all these people had and their livelihoods? If this really was a well thought out process, could these lives not have been spared?

Or is it that this government erred and just won't apologize because it's better than that?

This kind of GBO (governnance by operation) is assuredly of sunset quality, to borrow two of Jonathan Moyo's coinages.

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