Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Crusading Moyo hijacks the "Third force"

Jonathan Moyo, the ascerbic spinmaster, once described by Mugabe has harboring "vaulting ambitions," and infamous for crafting Zimbabwe's harsh media laws has officially hijacked the intellectual bandwagon for a new political party in Zimbabwe. Moyo, who has been threatening to author a tell-all book from his five year stint in both government and ZANU-PF published this long diatribe voicing his support for the idea. He even has a name in mind for the new party, the United People's Movement. Speculation of Moyo's involvement with the "Third Force" began shortly after his Tsholothso victory in March, but he remained mum that is, until now.

First articulated by Trevor Ncube (the publisher of Zimbabwe's Standard and Independent),
"As currently constituted and led, both Zanu PF and the MDC don’t have what it takes to extricate Zimbabwe from its present quagmire. Were anything to happen to Mugabe now with the infighting in Zanu PF I fear instability that would be harmful to the nation in the long-term.

The possibility of a third way is something worth contemplating, but time and effort required to put this together could make it a long-term project. I truly believe that if he set his mind to it Mugabe could undo some of the damage he has inflicted on Zimbabwe and lay the foundation for a stable political dispensation that would deliver economic development and growth."

and Geoff Nyarota (former editor of The Daily News ),

"THE proposal last week by the publisher of the Zimbabwe Independent for the emergence of a third political force in Zimbabwe made interesting reading. This is, however, not the first time Trevor Ncube has articulated this suggestion. So that he does not remain a voice in the wilderness, while his enunciation of this noble idea is reduced to an annual ritual, I rise in Ncube’s support."

The "Third Force" idea argues for the need of a third major political party in Zimbabwe on the basis of the failure by both MDC and ZANU-PF to convert the nation's political aspirations.

This idea has steadily gathered momentum since the elecions. The resignation of Pearson Mbalekwa (former ZANU-PF MP and intelligence operative over the cleanup operation), violent rifts in both MDC and ZANU-PF, and recent speculation of Welshman Ncube's (MDC secretary general) resignation have all crystallized the notion.

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