Thursday, August 11, 2005

Let the jostling begin

Since last weeks murmurings about the draft bill on the constitutional ammendment that will reinvoke senate, there has been a lot of excitement and restlessness in ZANU-PF. Hundreds of Mugabe's ZANU-PF cadres that were left out of parliamentary and gubenitorial feasts have already begun wrangling among themselves.

The craziest development thus far is the death by poisoning of one Rosemary Chitura a popular ZANU-PF member in the Mashonaland Central Province. She reportedly died after eating poisoned food at the celebrations for Mazowe West parliamentarian Sabina Zinyemba. The Daily Mirror reports that,
"AS the race for elected seats in the proposed Senate gather momentum, a Zanu PF aspiring candidate in Mashonaland Central, Rosemary Chitura was poisoned and later died.
Chitura, who was also the chief nursing services officer for Premier Services Medical Investments, a subsidiary of Premier Medical Aid Society, was poisoned on July 23 while celebrating the victory of Mazowe West Zanu PF legislator Sabina Zinyemba.
According to impeccable sources who had sight of the post mortem result, Chitura died after eating food laced with poison.
“A post mortem that was handed over to the police and Zanu PF’s national political commissar (Elliot) Manyika revealed that Chitura was poisoned. Manyika was concerned by the outcome of the post mortem. Manyika attended the burial,” the source said adding the act could have been politically motivated."
Senate elections (if there will be any) are at least a year away. After the draft bill passes, it will have to be ammended before it is debatable in parliament. Even if ZANU-PF rams it through that august house and Mugabe signs it into law right away, several other pieces of legislation (senatorial constituency demarcations, relationship with rest of government, modalities etc.) have yet to be written. After all that, primary elections will have to be held and THEN candidates will be nominated to stand for senate.

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