Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Impending Rage

The Zimbabwean government faces impending rage ofthe public if they continue with their self-destructive self preservation plans. Or the Zimbabwean public are looking one the worst abuses of power known to mankind right in the eye. Either way, there's an impending rage.

Just(ice) minister Patrick Chinamasa announced that they might choose to "harmonize" the presidential and parliamentary elections. Speculation is rife amongst government critics suggesting that this announcement could be the beginning of ZANU-PF's unscrupulous intentions for the next elections. The worst fear is that this could mean that Mugabe would stay on until 2010 instead of quiting in 2008 as he iterated and reiterated over the years.

The Zimbabwean people are fed up with their leader imposed suffering. To say that life in the country has become unbearable is a vast understatement. The worst part about the tragedy is that the country's so called leaders refuse to acknowledge the gravity of the country's economic problems. Did you hear the outrageous comments Mugabe made over the weekend? From the Mail and Guardian;

"President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe said in an exclusive interview with The Associated Press on Friday that his people are "very, very happy", though aid agencies report four million of 11,6-million face famine.

"You describe it as if we have a whole cemetery," Mugabe said of a reporter's description of the Southern African nation's dire straits, blaming "continuous years of drought".

The problem is reliance on corn, he said, "but it doesn't mean we haven't other things to eat. We have heaps of potatoes but people are not potato eaters ... they have rice but they're not as attracted [to that]."

But the cost of potatoes is beyond the pocket of ordinary Zimbabweans."

He really has no idea of what the oridinary Zimbabwean is facing everyday. And that will be his undoing.

All it's going to take is someone putting on display the evidence of their callousness to the people's plight. Such is the respression of the people, ZANU-PF has managed to trick the people into believing that it cares about them. All that is going to end soon.

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