Monday, February 06, 2006

Hot News is reporting an assination attempt on the life of vice-president Joyce "Teurai Ropa" Mujuru two weeks ago. One Joseph Mutima, an alleged soldier who is reportedly being held by the Central Intelligence Organization (CIO) fired shots at Mujuru's motorcade. The exact location of the attempt is not known. This report has not yet been verified.

In other hot news, Morgan Tsvangirai the MDC president was ejected from the Zambian border town of Livingstone late last week amidst unclear circumstances. Tsvangirai's delegation reportedly in Zambia to discuss strategy away from the badgering surveillance of Mugabe's secret service the CIO, was apparently deported three days into their trip to Zambia. It is widely believed that deportations were effected at the behest of pressure from Harare.

Monday the Herald, a government mouthpiece ran a headline claiming that the Tsvangirai delegation is under investigation for meeting with Freedom House delegates on the Zambia trip. The Herald is suggesting that Tsvangirai & Co. met with delegates from Freedom House which the Zimbabwe government alleges is comprised of former FBI and CIA operatives. "We are very interested in the meeting and we are making a follow-up. We want to know what is going on," said national security minister Didymus Mutasa.

2-7-06 10:30 a.m. Update: VOA's special Zimbabwe project, Studio Seven, is reporting that Freedom House is denying meeting with MDC in Zambia and that they are a front for the CIA.

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