Monday, January 23, 2006

Teachers Strike Back

Stung by the harsh realities of a civil service employment that keeps them under the poverty datum line, some of Zimbabwe's teachers are now demanding that their children receive a free government sponsored education. Members of the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe dispatched a letter with this demand to the ministry of education and are proceeding to notify school heads across the country not to dismiss teachers' children for failure to pay fees.

Speaking to the Zimbabwe Standard , Raymond Majongwe the sectretary general of the PTUZ explained that, "we are asking government to do what it did for war veterans' children and it is not asking for too much if we ask them to do that for teachers." In 1999 when Mugabe decided to dole out "gratuity" payments to veterans of Zimbabwe's war of liberation he proclaimed that their children would not have to pay for their education. I wonder if he'll do the same for the teachers, heros in the nation's 25 year war against illiteracy.

This interesting to me because of what I wrote here.

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