Thursday, December 01, 2005

Minister turned "consultant" turns minister...again!

Sithembiso Nyoni, the embattled minister who found herself stranded after she failed to win a constituency in the March parliamentaries is back--but not because she won public support. After losing yet again in the no contest senate elections, Nyoni dubbed a "perennial loser," was given back her portfolio courtesy of the legal gimmickry of her deeply abiding boss the president.

Nyoni who's proved hapless under public scrutiny has now been appointed a non-constituency member of parliament, allowing her to become minister again. She took over the appointed parliamentary seat that was vacated by Edna Madzongwe who in turn was elevated president of the renewed senate. Under the Zimbabwean constitution, which ZANU-PF is want to observe only inasmuch as it remains malliable to their whims, all ministerial appointments must be members of parliament.

Nyoni lost her ministerial title in July becoming a government "consultant" for her portfolio, after the 90 grace period expired following the March elections.

I'm curious to ot know what kind of small and medium enterprise acumen our dear minister posseses which warrants such loyalty from Mugabe, who doesn't alway stick by "losers." The latter's dedication to the former is magnified in no small measure by the fact that several prominent ZANU cadres have either been given reduced responsibilities (in the tax funded govervenment gravy train), or have been left out all together after losing in elections.

Enos Chikowore, a former minister who failed to make the ballot in the March elections, and was not appointed MP, killed himself after Mugabe spurned him. Dumiso Dabengwa, a one time intelligence supremo was left out in the cold this time around as he lost his senate attempt to the MDC. Former minister and top confidante, Emmerson Mngangwa only returned to parliament as speaker of that august house, a much smaller responsibility than he'd become acquainted with over the years, after losing in March too. These are just the headliners, there are many more who have fallen out favor with Mugabe along the way in calculated moves meant to guard his undsiputed reign atop ZANU-PF.

Or is there something else going on here we are not privy to in the present? It could just be uncle Bob proving a point that his will prevails even against legitimate criticism.

We'll wait, and we'll watch for posterity as it is prone to, will reveal all things in due course.

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