Friday, November 25, 2005

Election Eve: Word on The Street

Yours truly spent the day trolling the streets of Harare looking to hear the lay man's perspective on this election eve Friday. The following are excerpts of my interview with "Farai," a working class Zimbabwean about his thoughts on this weekend.

ZP: Are you voting?
Farai: I will not be voting my friend. Right now the only other party that one could vote for is the MDC. With all the mayhem thats been happening in their camp,well there is not much difference now with the rulling party...politicians are all the same underneath mate.
ZP: How would you describe the way people feel about politics in Zimbabwe?
Farai: I haven't heard much talk to tell the truth. I don't think that the numbers will be all that fantastic, lest if they pull off their usual. [i.e. adding ballots unofficially] I was laughing to my self the other day when i saw Bob (Mugabe) on the TV campaining. I thought that he was wasting resourses because people in town will not be voting much....
ZP:Why are people not interested in the senate?
Farai: People aren't interested in the senatorial thing because they feel it's still pointless as there isn't much of an opposition to speak of here. The opposition has let us down big time. They don't seem like they will bring much change....we need a complete overhall of everything here. That the only way that we can set things back on track,epspecially our economy.
ZP: The Herald is predicting that 3.2 million will vote. What do you think about that?
Farai: Funny they are saying that. Those are the figures for those who registered to vote. I mean that figure just tells you just how much this is a joke to people; I mean thats not even half the number of the actual people eligible to vote!
ZP: Tell me this, have you heard anything about the third force in recent days?
Farai: Nope. Sorry mate, haven't heard a word about it.

There you have it from the horse's mouth.
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