Friday, November 18, 2005

An unjust irony

Misheck Shoko, the MDC mayor of Zimbabwe's third largest urban settlement, Chitungwiza, is the next target of a crusade by ZANU to wrestle back control of city hall. Stung by an almost routine routing in the mayoral polls, the (mis)ruling party tasked Ignatious Chombo, the unproffessional and incompetent accident of a minister, to launch a crusade of frustation against MDC mayors across the country. Chombo, the loyal party cadre he is, effectevily ousted Elias Mudzuri from townhouse in the capitol replacing him with an inefficient and incompetent commission that has done nothing but plunder the Sunshine City's long lost glory.

Chitungwiza, just nine kilometres south of Harare, is Harare's main "dormitory town," the nation's fastest growing urban settlement, and ZANU-PF's next target for effecting "democracy from above." The gods that are ZANU-PF, believing it their manifest destiny to know better than Zimbabwe's voting public what good leaders look like have taken it upon themselves to ensure that Zimbabwean people get the best leader in every city:
"Chombo may deny it, but he has been a busy and enthusiastic hatchet man in spearheading his party's bullying campaign against MDC mayors in Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare, Kariba and now Chitungwiza."
Not wanting to whine for the sake of whining, we the people must look at the results of this anti democracy policy and find what it is doing for us. Our blogger friend has the desired answer to our quest thus,
"Walking home from work last night with my bottle of mace firmly squashed between my not-so-large breasts I noticed a group of women waiting for a lift at the corner of Enterprise Road and Arcturus Avenue. What caught my eye was that each of the women had a 5 litre plastic container of water by their feet. They were probably on their way out to Mabvuku/Tafara a high-density suburb otherwise known as a township, east of Harare. This high-density area hasn’t had water for the past week."
Those women live in the jurisdiction of the commission appointed to run the affairs of the city of Harare, and that was over two weeks ago.

Just today the commission tuats it's brilliant solution for to the water problem in the city--a whole 21 days later,
"SOME suburbs in Harare and its satellite towns will have water cuts of up to 12 hours in every 48 hours to ensure that all areas receive water at adequate pressure for at least the other 36 hours.

The local authorities and the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (Zinwa) — which provides the bulk supplies — have agreed to the rotational cuts in order to cope as demand exceeds the maximum supply of 600 million litres a day."
You see that? It's really not about a shortage of water even though there's a drought in the country, the water shortage is a result of an inability to process enough water. Said in their confusing way, "demand exceeds maximum supply."

With the jury quick returning, the verdict is in. In the matter of what can the commission do you for you, we the people have unanimously agreed that there's nothing the commission is able to do for us.

Here's the disheartening part; the commission just got recommissioned.
"THE Government will reappoint the Sekesayi Makwavarara commission, which is running the affairs of Harare City Council for a further six months beginning next month.

The Minister of Local Government, Public Works and Urban Development Cde Ignatius Chombo confirmed this yesterday but could not be drawn to say whether the commission would include new members.

There has been wide speculation that some commissioners would be dropped and new ones appointed. The speculation arises from reports that the commission was divided over the implementation of the capital’s turnaround strategy.

There are also reports that some of the commissioners were expending their energy in backbiting at the expense of council business.

The second term of the commission expires on December 9. The Makwavarara-led commission came into office in December 2004 following the expulsion of the MDC council after it was found guilty of mismanagement of council affairs."
They get a third term! Whatever happened to recall elections if this ever was about democracy?

It's ironic, but it's unjust and sad. What's worse is all signs seem to indicate Chitungwiza is headed the same direction.

Woe is us.

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