Monday, November 14, 2005

Rare truth in the Herald

The nation's only pro-government daily The Herald, is the surprising harbinger of negative news about the state of things in the country. They are reporting the deaths of 14 children as a result of salmonella poisoning. Translation: governance is so bad in my country, they can't even afford to provide clean water for the people.
FOURTEEN children under the age of five have died of salmonella infections — usually contracted from infected food — in Harare in the last few weeks adding to the woes of an unrelated dysentery outbreak in Harare and Chitungwiza that has seen 200 people hospitalised.

The spread of the twin infections has not been made public by the authorities in either Harare or Chitungwiza and no warnings or advice have been issued by the health authorities.

Salmonella poisoning is most notoriously contracted from contaminated chicken and eggs although other sources are possible. Dysentery is contracted from contaminated water or food
There are some truths you cannot mute, death is one of them.

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