Friday, November 04, 2005

Quote of the week

We end this week with a telling quote from a former liberation war hero Wilf Mhanda commenting on the problems encountered by the MDC. Take note, this view is from a pro-Mugabe mindset.
"The MDC leadership totally underestimated Mugabe. They believed the struggle for democracy would be hard, but they never understood he was prepared to destroy everything — them, the economy, institutions, infrastructure, the whole country and everything in it to survive.

The MDC thought they could win by being right, by appealing to the majority, and they got that support, but that was never enough. Mugabe controls the security forces, the courts, the media, the intelligence services, the assets and he has perfected the system of patronage manipulating each and every person in positions of power.

Mugabe was impossible to defeat in elections because he controls every aspect of them too. The task was too big for the decent MDC and the party neglected making inroads in the lower ranks of the army who are just as poor as everyone else.."
Doesn’t that say it all?

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