Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Deposed first bodyguard accuses first lady of infidelity

Zimonline has a fascinating follow up on a story it broke a month ago about the change of guard over state house. Winston Changara, Mugabe's former bodyguard who was removed from his "prestigious" duties turned tables on the first lady who had him removed on allegations of indecent assualt according to the article.
"He plainly told them that he was being fixed by the First Lady because he had threatened to spill the beans and let the President know of her affairs.

Changara said Grace wanted him removed from near Mugabe because this was the only way to make sure he would never be close enough to her husband to tell him that she was seeing other men."
So Mr. President, who's report are you going to believe, that of your wife and bedmate for close to ten years or that of your 20 year confidante?

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