Tuesday, November 01, 2005

MDC set for split

Leaders of Zimbabwe's MDC, the main opposition met yesterday in an attempt to mend the rift in the party over the senate elections. Instead of bringing both sides closer, the meeting further pronounced differences between the two camps. So, as I predicted (no credit here, this was patently obvious from the beginning), "I think this might be the end of the MDC as we currently know it."

There isn't a lot of information about how the meeting went. Both NewZimbabwe.com and Zimonline offer sketchy details about what went on in during the meeting. Gift Chimanikire, the party's deputy secretary general continued with his faction's strategy to cast Tsvangirai as a maverick politician refusing to accept the reality that his party's national council voted (democratically) to participate in the elections,
"The president (Morgan Tsvangirai) refused to accept the national council resolution to participate in the senate elections in violation of the party's constitution and placed himself not only above the council but also above the constitution."
With the faction bent on participating in the elections poised to carry out their intentions, the anti election camp and the party's leader is left exposed. What options do they have to not only explain their logic to the party's support base, but also for laying out a roadmap for the path ahead if their party remains solvent?

The Ides of November are come.

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