Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The truth doesn't lie

The last two days have seen some of the most dizzying developments in the evolution of Zimbabwean politics in a long time. ZANU-PF is turning back to it's sages of old for leadership into the future. And the MDC is set to oust their first leader, Morgan Tsvangirai.

The party that is new and supposedly "progressive," on a mission to catalyze Zimbabwe rejection of the Mugabe leadership doesn't want their own leader. Meanwhile Mugabe & Co. are looking back instead of ahead to safeguard the country's fragile shades of democracy. This is the state of Zimbabwe's sad politics. And the people, they are muted. But as with most situations like this, the situation speaks for them.

Old school cronysim will not work in the 21st century, ask the Bush regime in Washington. But neither will MDC's inept leadership and assumption of ZANU tendencies.

Consipicous by it's absence is either party's sense of the national agenda. ZANU-PF doesn't care about Zimbabwe nor her people. The only Zimbabweans they care about are those that have given up their authentic livelihoods for the sake of the party. It is all about self and power presevation with ZANU. Which is why they are obsessed with looking back in order to go forward. It is not the sacred spirit of Sankofa. It is pure unbridled ambition and selfishness among ZANU's ruling elite.

MDC is no better. They've comfortably assumed their role as Zimbabwe's manikin party. They look the part, dress part, but don't have the creative nor mental resources to be an alternative to ZANU. Like everything else they've copied from their sometimes bitter rival sometimes bigger brother, they too have imitated a selfish lust for power and have forgotten the people that made them a party. All of a sudden it is now all about 'what is right for the party,' not what is right for the people.

Zimbabwean politics is fraught with controversial chaos. Both parties are steeped in a frenzied mania reminiscent of the behavior of an army of ants, before they move their nest permanently. Maybe that's just what it is, these two parties that have monopolized our country's political agenda might well be on a self procured one way ticket to oblivion. Sadly, it is their bitter aversion for each other that is the impetus for their sure destruction.

And in a laughable twist of events, the irony that is all this political craziness, is perhaps introspective of the mindset of the muted and ignored people. Suffice it to say that the MDC as it is currently constituted is not in Zimbabwea's future; neither does ZANU-PF's retro politics dictated by cronysim.

This time the truth has spoken for itself; both these parties as they are today cannot lead Zimbabwe into future. Beware! The ides of November are nigh!

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