Monday, October 10, 2005

ZANU dials up familiar pre-poll antics

Zimbabweans woke up to the shocking news that their government has decided to pay out 36 billion (Zim) dollars to liberation war detainees and political prisoners on Saturday. This only 25 years after the war ended and only six since the war's veterans were awarded lumpsomes and lifelong payouts in 1999. Why now? We didn't have too look to far to find the real reason behind this new wave of irrational gratuities.

On this page, The Herald's front page, the top story is the reiteration of senate election dates next month. Immediately after that comes the gratuity "approval" story. If this layout is anything to go by, it's clear they are buying votes ahead of yet another pivotal election for. Read this for more on the scam.

This is not the first time the Mugabe regime has used it's gubenatorial muscle to siphon votes in a highly unsympathetic environment. Rewind six years. Shortly before ZANU-PF's shocking defeat in the referundum on the draft constitution, Mugabe, with the ground fast disappearing from beneath him, awarded the veterans of Zimbabwe's struggle shocking payouts, benefits, and a monthly pension. The draft constitution was of course rejected (mainly for lumping more power on the president), the MDC was formed, and in the run up to the 2000 elections it became apparent why a now desperate ZANU had chosen such a moment to placate the veterans movement.

ZANU-PF turns to the liberation war hereos for votes.

The lunacy of this is heightened by our country's tragic quality of life. Life expectation in Zimbabwe is hovering at or below 40. Question; if the war was fought 25 years ago how many said vets can be expected to be living today in such a low life expectancy environment? Truth be told while there might be a few old ones left (not everyone in the country has access to a Mugabe like Sino Malasyian medical team), many more "new" heroes are being forged into existence. With that ZANU ensures it can win elections.

At least ZANU is doing something. The MDC is caught up in another futile stalemate about whether they should field candidates or not. What else is new? Don't even get me started on this one.

Tsvangirai be warned the ides of November are nigh!

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