Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Uncontrite Sikhala, "You can't suspend me."

Morgan Tsvangirai, the MDC's beleagured leader has once again been accused of violating his party's constitution. This time the allegation come from his firebrand MP, Job Sikhala. Job Sikhala made headlines last week alleging that the MDC was receiving funding from Ghana, Nigeria and Taiwan but later withdrew the claims.

In rare show of resolve, Tsvangirai unilaterally suspended Sikhala. A fomenting Sikhala fired off this salvo to his party's leader, in which he said among other things,
"YOU know very well that the supreme document of the party, the constitution, does not give you the jurisdiction to suspend members from the party. Such jurisdiction is the preserve of the Vice-President and the Disciplinary Committee, ‘whose duties shall be to investigate breaches of the code and, where appropriate, impose the requisite penalties."

"A fortnight ago, you sent Dennis Murira to invite me and talk about the possibility of me supporting the “No to Senate Campaign”.

I openly told you that I would not support factions, but that I was praying for my leadership to be united and fight…as a team. Did I disappoint you, Mr President? I am sorry if so because I believe in the name of God, that factions won’t take our party anywhere. I will remain indifferent to factionalism until you all see the bigger picture of our struggle."

Will Tsvangirai's resolve prevail or will it peter out as more people test his ability to stay the course. So far, at least with the "renegade candidates" he's shown that he can talk tough. Whether this will be his new face remains to be seen.

The MDC and people of Zimbabwe need a leader who is resilient and will stick to his principles. It would be a welcome change.

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