Tuesday, November 08, 2005

US ambassador Dell stirs up the hornet's nest in Harare

Christopher Dell, the fairly new US ambassador to Zimbabwe looks like he's on his way out. Things have been tense between the Zim Government and Dell since the moment the well travelled Dell set foot in Harare. Preceding him in government circles was his reputation for warring against some of Africa's worst dictators so they viewed him as "meddler."

Just over a week ago Dell was arrested for "tresspassing" on a secure sight that happened to be in the Harare Botanical Gardens (a public park next to the presidential mansion). After a few diplomatic apologies, the row has scaled up after Dell delivered a blistering attack on the government's inefficiency,cronysm and nefarious activities.

This is Zimbabwe, the civic action group Sokwanele's blog has a thorough report on this whole debacle.

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