Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Zimbabwe's government is corrupt. There really is no other way of looking at things. One could almost contend that members of Mugabe's government are competing for a spot on list of the most selfish, vile and debased human beings.

First up is tax collection boss, Gershom Pasi who has been looting from both the people and the government:
"Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) Commissioner General Gershem Pasi allegedly used his influential position to import goods over the past three years without paying full duty or paying nothing at all, investigations by ZimOnline have shown.

Pasi, in charge of customs and excise collection, is together with Finance Minister Herbert Murerwa being investigated by the police over allegations that they illegally converted to personal use tax money collected in hard cash from foreign motorists entering Zimbabwe mainly from South Africa through Beitbridge border post.

Pasi, who according to some ZIMRA officers interviewed by ZimOnline, sometimes raided the revenue authority's cash office at Beitbridge for foreign currency to use on personal trips to South Africa, is said to have imported goods worth about 800 000 South African rands so far this year alone.

For example, in April this year, Pasi imported 50 beds and mattresses, each set with a shop value of 250 rands. But the beds, which Pasi was importing for his lodge in Gwayi safari area, were valued at 109.50 rands per set for purposes of declaring duty at Beitbridge.

According to our sources a ZIMRA officer who cleared Pasi's beds, one Mbuso Mahlangu queried why the goods were being undervalued but he was allegedly cautioned by the ZIMRA chief and told to allow the goods to pass.

Four months later, in July, Pasi allegedly imported a Toyota Liteace vehicle together with some tyres and several other vehicle accessories and spares. The Bill of Entry for the goods was recorded as C29204/2July 2005.

The goods were cleared under the name of a company called Oppecott, which however does not appear to be registered with the Registrar of Companies.

The company's postal address is listed as Box CH 626, Mgaca Mbinga Harare, an address that Zimpost said did not exist."
Then there's the notorious Samuel Undenge who is the country's deputy minister of economic affairs. After going through a publicly messy divorce, it has now emerged he can't afford to send his own children to school!:
"THE deputy minister of Economic Affairs, Samuel Undenge, has evaded paying school fees for his two children this term after threatening school authorities from sending them home, New can reveal.

Undenge and Angeline were granted a divorce order by the High Court last month, six months after the Magistrate Court had ruled that Undenge should pay for his children’s fees.

Sources said when judgment was made; Undenge who is also Zanu PF’s Chimanimani MP transferred the children from the prestigious private educational institution, Eaglesvale.

'Other pupils were sent home but he has made it clear to the school’s hierarchy that should his children be sent home, the school staff would suffer the consequences. They are scared stiff. He even ignored the deadline for November 5 that he was given.'"
Question: if a paid deputy minister cannot afford to pay for his childrens education, who in the country is supposed to be able to do it? Or maybe this guy is just so selfish he doesn't want to pay for their education so he uses his portfolio as a bully pullpit to pillage the country. Shame on you!

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