Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Resigned to Fate

In just two days Zimbabweans go back ot the polls to elect and accept their senators. Did you also notice just how little fanfare these elections have caused? No one cares about this election. Not the people, and certainly not the media both local and foreign. This tranquility, or rather lack of interest this close to an election is instructive of chasm that has wedged itself into Zimbabwean life. There is a rift between the drive for survival and all other things including politics.

Traditionally tense and dogged with violence, Zimbabwe's electoral seasons had become the stuff of blazing headlines both at home and broad. Over the last five years, any talk of elections has drawn the attention and ire of democracy activists the world over, but even that is dead this time around. Also conspicous by its absence is the political antagonism authenticated by opposing groups of "toyi-toying" youths recruited by aspiring candidates high on marijuana and free beer that harkened back to he days when the guerillas called village rallies to strategize resistance against colonization. Even the politicians who crissed-crossed the country and imposed posters dominated with their scary faces on every surface likely to be surveyed by wondering eyes are staying home. All that is nil this time around because all that is secondary to the quest. The quest for survival.

In countries like the US, TV execs are beside themselves with excitement during elections because of the largesse brought in by election advertisements. Not so in Zimbabwe, only the printers have something to sing about the election. Now it appears even they have little joy when it comes because no one cares or wants to care.

Understand this reader dearest; it is not that we don't care about democracy or having the right politicians in place or any other high sounding question you may want to throw at us. No, our nonchalence is evidence only that we care about other things more than we care about politics and governance. We care more about living to see tomorrow. It is all about survival now. Such is the result of how simple and unsophisticated a society ZANU-PF has made us.

Politicall speaking one could say the people of Zimbabwe have resigned themselves to the fate that is ZANU-PF's dominance.

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