Monday, May 22, 2006

Budiriro Spurns Mugabe, Mutambara

The anti-senate faction of the MDC--that led by Morgan Tsvangirai--won the Budiriro bye-election over the weekend. In an election deemed pivotal because of surging inflation and calls by the opposition for mass protest this winter, the people clearly signalled that their loyalty is preserved for the party will best represent them. Gone are the days where glamor and glitz, violence and force can will people to vote for a party.

Budiriro is a high density suburb in the western half of Harare. It's a typical working class suburb where the pangs of Zimbabwe's militant inflation have been felt with little mitigation. Last week, it seemed the whole country focused in Budiriro; Mugabe and his deputy came and addressed rallies there, Mutambara attempted a "roadshow" but was rebuffed by the biased police, and after addressng a rally Tsvangirai hung around and visited people in their homes. On Saturday the people of Budiriro chose the suitor whose overtures they had appreciated most; it was Tsvangirai.

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