Thursday, May 04, 2006

ZANU-PF Reform Document Angers Mugabe

All too wary of their fast deteriorating predicament, Zimbabwe's ruling party ZANU-PF is desperate to figure out ways to rejuvinate the party's image. Apparently the latest effort to spruce up the image, a document authored by Patrick Chinamasa the justice minister, has angered Mugabe.

Zimdaily is reporting that a fuming Mugabe ordered the party's supreme politiburo to return all copies of the document and not discuss it with the press:
The document has angered President Mugabe to such an extent that he has recalled all copies after the meeting and ordered that members of his Soviet-style politburo do not consider it or leak it to the media.

This despite the fact that the author of the document, justice minister Patrick Chinamasa, was requested by the party’s leadership to write and present a discussion paper on the party’s rejuvenation in the face of growing anger against the regime. “It is brutally honest,” said a politburo member speaking on condition of anonymity. “It opened a few eyes and that you can’t change if you want to keep on doing the same thing.”
Chinamasa calls out ZANU-PF tribal's and "personality worshipping politics" in the document. This is apparently what got Mugabe angry, I wonder why?

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